Basic concepts

Wherever there is excessive potential, Balancing Forces arise, directed towards its removal. They are created by mental energy when a person gives undue importance to an object.

For example, let’s compare two situations: you sit on the floor in your room, and after that on the edge of an abyss. In the first case you are not excited at all, while the second situation is vital for you – one careless movement could lead to your end.

From energy perspective, the fact that you are sitting, have the same meaning in both cases. But when you’re on the edge of the abyss, your fear creates tension, inhomogeneity in the energy field, as a result of which balancing forces arise aimed to eliminate the imbalance. You can even actually feel their effects: on the one hand, some unexplained force pulls you down, on the other hand- other force pulls you further away from the edge.

Because in order to eliminate the excessive potential of your fear, balancing forces must either withdraw you from the edge, or throw you down and finish with it. It is their action that you feel. The effect of balancing forces for removing excessive potentials creates the vast majority of problems. Their treachery lies in the fact that one often gets results, just opposite to his/ her intention, and does not understand what is happening. Hence the feeling that some unexplained evil force acts, a kind of “law of universal evil.”

Transurfing offers fundamentally different approach to achieving objectives. One makes a choice, as if ordering in a restaurant, without worrying about the means to achieve it. In most cases the goal gets realized by itself, regardless of the direct actions of the client. Your desires are not fulfilled. Your dreams will not come true. But your choice is an irrevocable law and it will inevitably happen. It is impossible to explain in a nutshell the essence of choice. All the Transurfing deals with what is choice and how to make it.

The Excessive Potential
Excessive potential is a tension, a local disturbance in the steady energy field. Such heterogeneity is created by mental energy whenever an object is given undue importance.

For example, desire causes excessive potential since it seeks to attract the desired object, where it is actually absent.
The strong desire to have something that you actually don’t have, creates energy “pressure difference”, which creates wind of balancing forces. Other examples of excessive potentials: anger, condemnation, admiration, adoration, idealization, overestimation, contempt vainglory, superiority feeling, guilt, inferiority feeling.

Do not give anything unnecessary importance. The importance which you do not need, is needed by the pendulums which manage people with threads of dependence, as if people are puppets. One is afraid to let go of them because (s)he is in the power of addiction, which creates the illusion of support and confidence.

Confidence is the same excessive potential as uncertainty, only reversed. Awareness and intention allow you to ignore the game of the pendulums and to achieve what you need without a fight. And when there is freedom without struggle, you don’t need confidence. If I miss importance, I have nothing to defend and conquer – I just quietly walk and choose what I need.

To neutralize the pendulums, it is necessary to cancel the internal and external importance. Problems and obstacles on the way to the goal also arise from excessive potentials of importance. Obstacles are based on the foundation of importance. If you deliberately reject it, they will disappear.

Realization of the worst expectations of people prone to negative thoughts, confirms that one is able to influence the course of events. Each event on the life line has two branches in the space of variations – in a favourable and an unfavourable direction. Whenever you encounter one or another event, you make choices about how to treat it. If you look at it positively, you’ll be on the favourable branch of the life line. Inclination to negativity however makes you show discontent and choose the unfavourable branch.

If something makes you angry, a new trouble is to follow. This is the mechanism of “an evil never comes alone.” But the series does not come trouble after trouble, it is related to your attitude towards it. Pattern is created by the choices that you make.

Analysing the tendency to negativity, you can imagine where it will lead you throughout your life, this sequence of negative branches. The principle of coordination of intention is: if you decide to view the seemingly negative change in the scenario as a positive one, such it shall be. Guided by this principle, you will achieve the same success in the positive, as achieved in the negative by using worst expectations.

The relationship of dependency happens by the following scenario: “If you love me, you would leave everything and come with me to the end of the world. If you do not marry me, you do not love me. If you praise me, we’ll be friends. If you do not give me my blade, I’ll drive you out of the sand. “

When love goes into relationship of dependence, polarization inevitably appears and the balance is disrupted. Unconditional love is love without right of possession, without admiration and adoration. In other words, this feeling does not create a relationship of dependence between the one who loves, and the object of his/her love.

The balance is violated when something is compared to something else or confronts it: “We are like this, but they are different!” For example, national pride – compared to which nations? Sense of inferiority – compared to whom? Or being proud of ourselves – compared to whom?

Where opposition exists, balancing forces get inevitably involved. Their action is directed either towards “separating” the subjects of controversy, or towards uniting them, for mutual agreement or conflict. If polarization is created by you, the effect of the balancing forces will be mainly directed against you.

This technique is an effective human component of Transurfing. The main principle of Freiling can be formulated as follows: give up the intention to obtain, replace it with the intention to give and you will receive that which you quit. The effect of this principle is based on the fact that your external intention is using internal intention of your partner, without harming his/her interests. As a result you get from him/her what you could not, using the common methods of internal intention. Guided by this principle, you will get amazing results in your personal and business communication.

Everyone has their own unique way, walking on it you will find true happiness in this life. Pendulums impose you other people’s goals that entice with prestige and exclusiveness. Pursuing false goals you will either achieve nothing, or if you do achieve the goal, you’ll find that you don’t need it. Your own goal will make your life a celebration. Achieving your goal will entail the implementation of all your other desires, and the results will exceed your expectations. Your door is the way that will take you to your goal. If you move towards your goal through your door, nobody and nothing can stop you, because the key to your soul perfectly fits the lock of your way. No one will take what is your. Therefore you will not have problems with achieving your goal. The problem is only to discover your goal and your door. Transurfing will support you on how to do this.

Importance occurs when something is given excessive significance. It is an excess potential in its pure form, during the elimination of which the the equilibrium forces create problems for the individual responsible for creating the potential. There are two kinds of importance: Internal and External.

Internal or Personal importance is manifested as an overestimation of one’s virtues or shortcomings. The formula of internal importance goes like this: “I am an important person” or “I have an important job”. When the arrow of importance goes off the scale, equilibrium forces go to work and the “hot shot” gets a flick on the nose. Those who “do important jobs” are also in for a disappointment: their work will either be of no use to anyone, or will be done badly. There is also a reverse side to it, an understatement of the ones own qualities, self-humiliation. In both cases the magnitude of the excessive potential is the same, the difference is only in polarity.

External importance is also artificially created by a person when he attaches too great a significance to an object or an event . Its formula is: “This is of large significance to me” or “It is very important that I do this.” An excess potential is created and the whole thing goes to ruin.

Imagine that you have to go across a log that is lying on the ground, easy! And now you have to walk across the same log, only that this time it has been placed between two skyscrapers. Walking across the log without falling is of great importance to you, and you won’t be able to convince yourself otherwise.

Accidents, natural disasters, armed conflicts and economic crises are evolving in the form of a spiral. They emerge, develop, pressure is accelerating, the climax comes, emotions are running high in full force and finally lead to the outcome – all the energy is dispersed in space and temporary calm occurs. Whirlpools work similarly.

The attention of a group of people falls into the clutches of the pendulum, it sways more strongly, captivating them on lifelines with disasters. One responds to the first push of the pendulum – for example, reacts to a negative event, takes part in the inception and falls within the zone of the spiral activity, which is further accelerating and (s)he is pulled into the whirlpool.

The phenomenon of absorption into the whirlpool is defined as an induced transition on such a vital line where one becomes a victim. His/ her response towards the pull of the pendulum and the subsequent feeding with the energy of the fluctuations, induces transition on a vital line with a frequency similar to the oscillations of the pendulum. Consequently, the negative event is included in the layer of the world of this person.

We can roughly define intention as determination to have and to act. Intention get realized, and not desire. Wish to raise your hand – the idea is formed in your mind, you are aware that want to raise your hand. But will the wish raise it? No, desire by itself does not produce any action. Your hand will lift only when you are not focused on the thought for the desire and only the determination to act has remained. Perhaps determination will raise your hand? Also no. You took the final decision to raise it, but it still does not move. What then will raise it up? How to determine what comes after commitment?

Now comes the helplessness of the mind to give a convincing explanation of what is intention. The definition that intention means to have a determination to have and to act, is only a prelude to the power that implements the action. Now we can only state the fact that the arm is raised not by desire and determination, but by the intention.

The intention is divided into external and internal one. Internal one is related to actively influencing the outside world – a determination to act. The external intention is a determination to have, when the world becomes subject to human will. Internal intention focuses on the process of our own movement towards the goal, external – focuses attention on how the goal gets realized by itself.
Goal is achieved using internal intention, while it is selected using the external one. Everything about the magic and the paranormal refers to the external intention. And what can be achieved within the normal world views, is achieved using the power of the internal intention.

Every living being materializes a certain sector of space of variations with its mental energy and creates layers of its own world. All layers are superimposed and so every creature contributes to shaping the reality.

With his/her world view, one creates individual layer of the world – a separate reality. Depending on his/her attitude, it has some or other shades.

Metaphorically speaking, certain weather conditions permanently occur there- very cold morning with the sun shining or dark day with heavy rain, sometimes raging hurricane or some natural disaster. Individual reality is created in two ways -physical and metaphysical one.

In other words, actions and thoughts of a person create his/her own world. Mental images play a major role as they create most of the substantive issues that you have to fight most of the time. Transurfing deals exclusively with the metaphysical aspect.

A human life, just like other matter, is essentially a chain of cause and effect. An effect in the space of variants is always situated close to its cause. In the same way, one follows the other, the near lying sectors in the space of variants assemble into a life track. Scenarios and decorations of the sectors found on the same life line are more or less uniform in their quality. The human life moves evenly along its track until there is an event that introduces a substantial change in the scenario and decorations.

Then fate takes a turn and crosses over onto a different life track. You are always on the tracks, the parameters of which correspond to your thoughts emission. By changing your attitude towards the world, that is your thought image, you cross over onto a different life track that has different alternatives for the development of events on your current life Track.

The information structure of the space of variations, may materialize under certain conditions. Every thought, as well as every sector from the space of variations, has certain parameters. By “illuminating” the corresponding sector, the mental broadcast realizes the version of this sector. Thus thoughts have a direct influence on the course of events.

The space of variations serves as a template, it determines the shape and trajectory of movement of the matter. Material Realization moves in space and time, but the variations remain in place and exist there forever. Every living being forms the layer of its world, via its mental broadcasting. Our world is inhabited by many living organisms, and each has its own contribution to the formation of reality.

Mental energy is tangible, it can’t vanish without a trace. When a group of people begin to think in one direction, their “thought waves” superimpose over one another and in the ocean of energy they create invisible but real energy-information structures – pendulums. They begin to develop by themselves and make people follow their laws. Once under the influence of a destructive pendulum, one loses his/ her freedom – becomes a cog in the big mechanism.

The more people – fans – members, fuel it with energy, the stronger the pendulum gets. Each pendulum has its own characteristic frequency of fluctuations. For example, you can sway the cradle if you apply force with a frequency called resonant frequency. If the number of supporters of the pendulum decreases, its fluctuations subside. When they completely disappear, it stops and dies naturally.
To suck energy from people, pendulums are using one’s feelings and reactions: resentment, dissatisfaction, hatred, frustration, anxiety, agitation, oppression, confusion, despair, fear, regret, affection, admiration, tenderness, idealization, adoration, delight, disappointment, pride, arrogance, contempt, disgust, sense of offense, sense of duty, guilt, etc.

The main danger for man succumbed to the destructive influence of the pendulum is that it diverts its victim from those lifelines where (s)he can be happy. (S)he should get free from imposed goals, because fighting for them, one deviates more from his/ her own fate. The pendulum is aggregative, but that does not describe everything. The term “aggregative” does not reflect the complex nuances of human interaction with the collective energy-information field.

Excessive potentials arise when giving undue importance to some properties. A relationship of dependency is created when people begin to compare each other, to confront and to set conditions like “if you do so, I will do so-and-so.” Excessive potential is not scary, while the distorted assessment exists by itself. But if the artificially high assessment of one object is compared to another, polarization occurs, and it in turn gives rise to the wind of the balancing forces. They try to eliminate the occurred polarization and in most cases their action is directed against the one who created it.

At each point of space of variations, there is a variant of one or another event. For ease of understanding we will consider that the variation consists of a script and scenery. The scenery is the appearance or form of expression and the script – the way in which matter moves.

For convenience we can divide the Space of Variations into sectors, each has a script and scenery. The more distant from each other the sectors, the greater the differences in script and scenery. Human destiny is also represented by multiple variations. Theoretically there are no restrictions on the possible twists of fate, since the space of variations is endless.

Guiding signs are those which suggest a turn in the flow of variants. If something is approaching that could substantially influence the course of events, a sign appears as an indication of this. When the current of variations makes a turn, you move onto another life line. Each has approximately the same qualities.

The flow in the stream of variations may cross lines with different parameters. Changes may be minor, yet you can feel the difference. It is this qualitative difference you notice consciously or unconsciously – you think that something is wrong.

Guiding signs appear only in the event that a transition to another life-line begins. You probably will not notice the different phenomena. For example, a crow caws over you, and you do not pay attention. You didn’t feel a qualitative difference, meaning that you are still staying on the previous line. But if something makes you become alert, this is a sign. Its distinguishing feature is that always indicates the beginning of a transition on a substantially different life line.

Our perception of ourselves and the outside world is often far from the truth. The distortion is a result of our slides. For example, you are concerned about some of your shortcomings and therefore feel a sense of inferiority because you think that others do not like them and approve them. And then, socializing with people you replay the slide of your inferiority complex and you see everything in a twisted light.

The slide is a distorted picture of reality in your head. As a rule, negative slide creates unity between the soul and mind and so gets realized – your worst expectations come true. We can transform the negative slides into positive ones and force them to work for us.

If you purposely create a positive slide, it can transform your world layer. Target slide is an imaginary picture in which the goal has been achieved. Its systematic visualization leads to the materialization of the corresponding sector of space of variations.

It is an information structure – infinite data field containing all versions of all events that could happen. You could say that it contains everything that was, is and will be. Space of variations is a template, grid of motion of matter in space and time. Both past and future are there stationary, like frames from a movie roll-film and the time happens only during the movement of an individual frame, in which the present is contained.

The world exists simultaneously in two forms– physical reality that we can touch with hands, and metaphysical space of variations located outside of perception, but just as objective. Despite of that access to this information field is generally possible. It is where intuitive knowledge and clairvoyance are based. The mind is not able to create anything that is principally new. The mind can only construct a new version of a house using old blocks. The brain stores not the information itself, but something similar to addresses pointing to the data in the space of variations. All scientific discoveries and masterpieces of art, are received from the space of variations through the soul.

Dreams are not illusions in the usual sense. The mind does not invent them – it actually experiences them. Everything we see in reality, is realized variations. And while sleeping, we can see what was not realized, i.e. plays with virtual scenarios and scenery.Dreams show what could happen in the past or can happen in future. Dreaming is a journey of the soul in the space of variations.

Information is located in the space of variations, unmoving, and resembling a matrix. The information structure consists of chains linked together. Causation is the reason for the stream of variations.

Restless mind constantly feels the movements of the pendulums and undertakes to solve all problems, trying to keep the situation under control. Its voluntary decisions in most cases are as meaningless as clapping hands in the water. Most of the problems, especially the little ones, are solved by themselves, if we do not hinder the stream of variations.

The main reason why we should not actively fight to go upstream, is that in this way we spend this mass of energy in vain or even to our harm. The stream moves along the path of least resistance and therefore contains the most effective and rational solutions. Rather, resistance to the stream creates many new problems.

There is no benefit from the powerful intellect of mind when the decision already exists in the space of variations. When we do not hinder the current of the variations, the solution will come by itself, and it will be the most optimal one. Optimality lies in the structure of the information field. The space has all the variations, but the variations with lowest energy consumption are most likely to get realized. Nature does not consume energy in vain.

The meaning of this word can be interpreted as “surfing through the space of variations” or “transforming potential options into reality” or “sliding through life lines.” But basically, if you use the method Transurfing, then you ride on a wave of success.

The mind has a will, but is unable to control external intention. The soul is able to sense its identity with the external intention, but it does not have will. It flies around in the space of variations, like an uncontrollable kite. In order to submit external intention to your will, you have to achieve unity of the soul and mind.

This is the state in which the feelings of the soul and the mind’s thoughts are joined as one. For example, when you are filled with joyful inspiration, your soul ‘sings’, while your mind ‘rubs its hands with satisfaction’. In this state you are able to create. But it does also happen that your soul and mind find unity in anxiety, fear and denial … as a result, your worst expectations come true. Finally, if the rational mind is saying the same thing over and over again, while the heart resist, it means that the soul and mind are in discord.

The wave of fortune is formed as an assemblage of life lines that are favorable to you. The space of variants contains all things, including these gold veins. When you find yourself on such line and get lucky, you can glide, under inertia onto the other lines of the assemblage, where new fortunate circumstances will follow.

But if after the first success you once again strike a bad patch, then you have been hooked by a destructive pendulum (extractor), which has taken you away from the wave of fortune.

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