Jazmin A. Danos

M.Sc., M.A.

    We all create our reality, consciously or unconsciously. I knew this from a young age. Even though I wasn’t aware of  how it was happening, I created whatever I wanted or expected in my life quite well, good and bad. I was always a naturally great listener which  helped me to see life, events, and the interplay between people or systems from a meta-perspective. Since being introduced to Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland, I feel I have found an amazing mentor system that navigates me to greater freedom in creation and inspires personal growth. Without coming out of our negative beliefs, thought patterns, and reactive habits we can’t raise our frequency enough to attract our dreams, or if they come to us, we don’t recognize them because we are simply not a match.

   Reality Transurfing offers a multidimensional perspective that supports mastering life as a conscious creator of your reality. It is not a “quickly get rich and happy” golden key.  It makes possible choosing from infinite opportunities instead of desperately wanting something in the one possible way our minds project it. Life becomes easier, more enriching, and more joyful as you are led to be more authentic and aligned in your heart and mind.

    I am a Reality Transurfing Coach, certified in the United States. Like many sources of knowledge, Reality Transurfing came to me in the same way you meet someone your Soul just knows without question. It was a Recognition. It came to me in the perfect time, and I was fully present for its offerings. As soon as I began reading the book, I realized I was already using the techniques and had shifted my reality many times in my life the same way it describes. My encounter with the book was full of revelations; puzzle pieces clicked together in a magical way. Reality Transurfing is a way of life, and I am here to consciously master it and support others to use its wisdom in their own creation of reality.

    My academic background is in engineering, international marketing, and consciousness and transformative psychology. I am a passionate soul dancer, a generational energetic healer, a lionhearted mother, teacher, a sovereign creator, and a lifelong learner. You can tell I am a fierce, warrior spirit; this was, and still is, the most challenging aspect of my humanness.

   I cherish diversity and see through the eye of beauty, gratitude, compassion, and abundance in this world.
I am aware of my creative power and choices in life.
I put together machines, furniture or solve problems with the same joy as men do.
I believe in the power of shadow work and hold an integral perspective.
I have a deep understanding of human suffering and the developmental challenges of an individual’s journey through life.
I am here to build bridges between fragmented parts and I offer my wisdom to support others in doing so as well.

   From the moment I discovered Reality Transurfing I knew it was my purpose to work with and support others in learning its practical tools, principles and techniques in service of a better life. I am committed to help others live more embodied, authentic, and fulfilled lives based on my rich life experiences, extended multidisciplinary studies, and the practice of Reality Transurfing.

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