What is Reality Transurfing?

Reality Transurfing will change the fundamental core of your belief about reality. It will change the way you see, perceive, and act. It will redefine freedom and empowerment in your understanding. It will give you an amazing opportunity to expand into your own sovereign creator nature, who you really are. Finally instead of spreading your energy and waste it, you learn to own your power and use it for creating something you really want by simply choosing to do so. 

Do you live your life with love, joy, passion and freedom? Are you ready to take responsibility for your own reality? Are you ready to expand your consciousness and experience the world with new eyes? Are you brave enough to see beyond your limited beliefs? All you need is openness in your heart and mind, and well you need commitment to practice.

That is really nothing compared to what is waiting for you…  

If you are ready, then game on, Reality Transurfing is an extraordinary gift for you. You found something precious, loving, genius, and yes, magical too.

So, reality transurfing is mastery of „transforming potential alternatives into reality”by „gliding through the alternatives space”. Surfing is a great physical example what we do here through our consciousness. You learn to navigate the field, you definitely need practice to use the techniques to experience freedom through mastery. You can’t control the waves (yet), but you can learn to ride it, you can master your movement through it, and it becomes joyful and creative.

You build new circuits, reprogram your nervous system and to be honest, your DNA too, in order to leave behind the old patterns in your thinking that doesn’t serve you anymore. First your attachment to suffering and victimhood. How does that sound?

Its mindblowing what you are capable of. Yes, YOU!

Whatever you think about yourself, or what is possible for you, is far beyond what really is waiting for you.

Learn to LET GO, stop fighting the world for what you want and simply reach out, the world is there to meet you and your dreams…

All the world is doing is reflecting back an amalgam of your attitude towards it.

Some Ways Transurfing will Support You

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