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and some ways it can support your life

The world you see is a reflection starting within.
The secret... you choose what you see. Reality Transurfing is a sophisticated approach to controlling that image, your reality...

Do you live your life with love, joy, passion and freedom? Are you ready to take responsibility for your own reality? Are you ready to expand your consciousness and experience the world with new eyes? Are you brave enough to see beyond your limited beliefs? 

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Jazmin A. Danos

Certified Coach and Trainer

"The world as a mirror reflects your attitude towards it."

Vadim Zeland

Vadim Zeland is a contemporary Russian mystic and writer, he is the author of the Reality Transurfing book series. He used to be a quantum mechanics physicist and later a computer technologist.

"The world as a mirror reflects your attitude towards it. Transurfing does not explain the structure of the world but offers a practical model that allows to understand why it is possible to manage reality and how to do it. Similarly we can drive a car without having an idea of its internal structure."

"In this world the mind without the soul can do only few things. Together they are capable of everything, because the fusion of soul and mind gives birth to magical power - external intention."

"Don’t want things of reality:
compose reality.
Don’t be afraid, compose instead.
Don’t wait, compose instead.
Don’t hope, compose instead.
Don’t lament, compose instead."


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